A Poem: R.D.H. coaching thru the Pandemic of COVID-19

As you sit in my chair, 
I see your smile, 
But also your worries, your fears, your trial, 
Of the pandemic that's swept across our land, 
And left us all feeling lost in its demand.
But fear not, my friend, for there is a way, 
To boost your immunity and keep it at bay, 
As I clean your teeth with my expert hand, 
I'll also offer a tool that's truly grand.
The blue UVA light is what I'll provide, 
A natural immunity boost, I'll confide, 
It helps your body fight off infection, 
And keeps your defenses in perfect direction.
So let us embrace this powerful light, 
And use it to make our bodies right, 
For we have the strength to overcome, 
And leave this pandemic in the long run.
So smile my friend, and don't you fret, 
For with natural immunity, we'll be set, 
And as I clean your teeth, let us both see, 
A world where health and happiness can be.